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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

And out of the egg sprang...

Gartholomew's musings, or Gartholomusings for short!


Here it is then, the very first blog. The beginning of what I'm sure will be a great career for me, as a professional blogger and scriptwriter in general.

Made sure everything is looking pretty good. As you can see I made a fair bit of effort with the header, I think the ink blot is a really good idea. I actually stole the idea from a graphic designer who made a site for me years ago, when I was an aspirational novelist. Funny looking back at that.

As you can see I'm actually counting down the days themselves, the countdown to my professional career as a scriptwriter! I'm a bit disappointed that I couldn't post anything when the counter was on 365, but, as I've previously mentioned, the layout has taken me some time, and after that I had a bit of writer's block, so didn't know exactly what to write here.

Anyway, I've just found out on BBC's writersroom - get in there all you writing noobs, its great - that the BBC are running a sitcom competition - and the deadline is February 21st! I'm going to try to rope in my old mate Jimmy from work - well I say work - we were laid off together last September. I'm pretty sure he's still doing Jack, and he's a very funny guy. I'll report back with any ideas we have and how its going.


How's that for symmetry?

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