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Tuesday, 29 March 2011


I know what you're thinking - Garth - isn't it a bit early to be having a hiatus? Normally that would occur during act two - towards the second half, after the hero has passed the point of no return. Suppose that would be about August time. Although, anyone noticed how this seems to be pushed forward these days?

Anyway, yeah, so I've had a hiatus. To be honest, I very nearly gave up. Again, not your typical hero's journey, but I've a feeling there are gonna be a few more twists and turns before I end up working for MGM. Hang on, they're not the ones that have gone bust are they?

No matter. I had a deadline a little while ago.I was writing a sitcom with my best buddy Jimmy Stroker, for this BBC sitcom competition. We ended up missing the deadline - I got institutionalised and Jimmy ended up in a boat, sleep rowing himself out into the English Channel. It was a hell of a night. But it knocked the stuffing out of me and I thought -Garth(olomew), are you really cut out for this constant rejection? Two things kept me going.

1)My unshakable belief in my screenwriting abilities.
2) the lack of any transferable skills that I can use to get another job. Well, any job.

So here we are, the onset of spring, what a great time to have a new lease of life! To celebrate I've written a little quatrain. If you don't know what a quatrain is it's a four line poem that was popular in the Middle Ages, Nostradamus used them to make his doom-laden predictions. If you want more info press control and click on the full stop at the end of this sentence.

A shard of gold hits the grey, besmirched wall,
It’s reflection ingested by a smiling face,
The passing cold days now mean nothing at all,
Unlike the rock hurtling towards us from outer space.

Hmm, retrospectively, I suspect the form of the quatrain may well lend itself to apocalyptic visions. Having said that, the writing of that verse compelled me to look up a few facts and let me tell you, there's gonna be some tight squeezes coming up. There's one this September that looks bloody close, then another in 2017, and a major astological fuck up in 2036! If you're still a virgin in 2035 for fuck's sake, splash the cash!

I've noticed that my posts get a wee bit tangententential. I need to stay more focussed. From now on I'm setting myself a weekly challenge, building up to getting that first, all important script sale, which I will report on in the following blog. Challenge One -go outside.
Wish me luck folk!

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