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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Fare Ye Well

Firstly, for anyone who read last night’s drunken ramblings, I apologise, and am deeply ashamed. I would explain myself to you in person, but I don’t intend to leave my flat for the next two years. Can’t help but be a bit impressed by my grammar and narrative structure though, considering how smashed I was.

Anyway, this may be my last blog, as it’s all fucked. Don’t know if you remember, but I had this old ‘friend’ get in touch, saying how he’d made it in the movie business, and wanted to help me to make it, as I had helped him in the past. As a test of faith I was to pay for his ticket to L.A., with the last of my redundancy money, and he would pitch my TV and movie ideas to all his new contacts.

I thought it was a bit weird when, after he’d been out there a week I phoned him up and heard the music to The One Show in the background.  He shook it off, saying The Black Eyed Peas heard it whilst they were in Britain on tour and loved it so much they sampled it and have turned it into a hit stateside. When you want something bad enough you are blind to the truth.

What I wasn’t blind to though, was seeing him yesterday, running away from me in Sainsbury’s car park.
I’m afraid I took it hard. Got ramjacked on goofballs and clusterfucks.

And that’s probably me done. Don’t know if I have it in me to bounce back and make it in this cut-throat business. 

Hope you have enjoyed some of my ramblings, and that maybe some were of use, somehow, even if only to laugh as someone who is an even bigger cunt than you are. 

Would’ve been nice to have received a comment or two, but you can’t have anything, sorry, everything.

I guess I’m relieved in a way. My pursuit of being a great writer stopped me being a great son, friend, brother and person. 

Time to put that right. After I’ve had some ibuprofen, LSD and vitamins.

Good luck people, hope you make it!

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