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Saturday, 6 August 2011

The Beginner’s Guide to Film Symbolism – Part One – El Topo

With my attempt at becoming a professional screenwriter now looking as likely as a Cliff Richard sex tape I’m redirecting my energy into providing you with a definitive guide to film symbolism. 

Over the next few weeks I will dissect some of the oddest films in existence, hoping to shed some light on why the hell that goat is in the background, eating that hat, and why that actor is always facing south. 

Although this guide is directed primarily towards film connoisseurs it could, reluctantly, also be of use to the following:

  • 1)      People living with pretentious cunts who make them sit through hours of arthouse crud. Check out this guide and the next time you’re watching something you can come out with something to blow their socks off, right before you let off a fart grenade and go down the pub.
  • 2)      Film-makers. If you are struggling for funding, or have been lumbered with a dogshit script, don’t worry! Just fill your film up with this stuff and you’ll never go hungry at a film festival again.
  • 3)      Movie reviewers. Just remember to hyperlink this page.
  • 4)      Pretentious cunts.
To my mind there is no greater place to start a guide to film symbolism than the work of hatstand Mexican maverick Alexandro Jodorowsky. He may never have had the mainstream appeal of Fellini or Lynch but Jesus did he pack his films full of weird shit. 

The beauty of applying symbolism to film is that, by definition, it never has to be explicitly explained on screen. In Jodorowsky’s case I’m not entirely convinced he could do so off-screen either, but if we examine the man and his movies we can have a good stab at it.

Tomorrow I’m going to watch El Topo for the 102nd time, and write up notes as I go - which I’ll transcribe in suitably blog-sized instalments. Expect the first one on Monday.

N.B. the guide has had to be put back, owing to the rioters running off with my motivation.

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