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Friday, 21 October 2011

4Screenwriting Drama Competition

Good morning Gartholomites!

As I couldn't sleep (I keep having this recurring nightmare where I'm a worm and every time I stick my head above ground there's this bird with my mother's head that tries to peck at me - what's all that about?) I thought I would let those that don't know know about Channel 4's drama writing competition.

They are on the look out for 12 new writers to work on their excellent drama series. It's open to everyone who doesn't have a previous broadcast credit. I've never got anywhere near one, so this is definitely one for me.

To enter you need to send them a full script over 30 pages long, the easy bit, and a c.v., the tricky bit.

The deadline is next Tuesday, so hopefully you already have something suitable that you can ping off.

I don't, as drama is something I try to steer clear of in my life, and this has translated over into my writing, hence the sci-fi bias and overwhelming desire to write for Star Trek.

So I basically have a week and a half to write something, poo.

I've got an idea.

I originally posted it here, but I'm actually working on it now and as I'm a paranoid son of a banshee I'm taking it off - seeing as how many millions of you are now reading this horseshit.

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