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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Essential Screenwriting Tips - Getting The Big Idea

Thanks for hanging in there Gartholomites!

Right, so in the second to last blog we discussed what a high concept idea was, and why you need one - now we're going to try to come up with one, using the method of taking a classic tale and contemporizing it and distorting it.

We had the following suggestions:

Right, so it's probably up to me, then.

Ok, I'm going to fucking test myself here, step right out of my comfort zone.I'll start by making a list of the books I've read. Must be some inspiration there.

Don Quixote.

Hmm, not read a lot, that's the problem with starting at number one in the best ever book list, you've got nowhere to go. Has this got potential?

Guy who goes mad after reading book upon book on chivalrous tales of yore. Thinks he is a knight and tries to tackle dragons, which turn out to be windmills, and win enough honour to satisfy his beloved Dulcinea del Doboso.

We don't really have an attachment to any such moral code any more, but the name is obvious - Don K. Otey. Has an edge of Kick-Ass, maybe, only Kick-Ass was a savvy teenager.

Yeah, in Cervantes time people would've put stock in the code of chivalry, now it's all detachment and story telling through vicarious supermen.

So, if instead of going mad after reading tales of knights of lore we have a washed up 60s hippy/ geek guy who goes mad after reading too many comic books, watching the world crumble around him.

Maybe he addled his brain with acid in the 60s, and his reality is hyper-real and psychedelic, but when the bubble is burst is brown and sodden. He is incredibly verbose, but deluded and beautifully accompanied by his plump, loyal and virtually catatonic best friend.

Maybe he is obsessed with a particular comic book - maybe he is convinced he is living in Gotham City - when he is actually living in Guildford.Maybe he is trying to woo Catwoman, when in actual fact she is a catwoman, i.e. a trampess.

Maybe, maybe, but I think it potentially has something, I might work on it some more. Not bad for a five minute brain dump.

If any film-makers want to get moving on it, you know where to find me. In the meantime it would be interesting to see what you guys can come up with.


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